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The following is a short list of people who have written to tell us what a wonderful time they had on our trips. If you have a Sports Travel story you would like to share with us, please email us and we will put your story on this page!

I enjoyed going to the minor league games on this trip. Both of the ballparks were great & they were glad to see us. Having a private booth at the final game was great because it gave us a reason to sit together for our final game. Previously we'd each gone on our own way at the games. This trip was one of the best STAT trips I've ever been on, of course I think the same thing after every STAT trip.


(Transcribed from a voicemail)

I just wanted to call and thank you. My wife and I will be completing our 30 balllparks this May. And I just wanted to say "Thank You" to Sports Travel and Tours for being a big part of helping us reach that quest.

Dave Larsen
Yuba City, CA

We had a wonderful trip! Three generations got to watch Boston win. The hotel was wonderful and the employees were extremely helpful. Mike helped us plan a wonderful vacation.

Stacy D.
Thurmont, MD

I loved the trip. The main thing is, the Broncos won 27-6. I've always had a good time with Sports Travel and Tours. Mike always makes sure everything is taken care of. Thanks STAT for letting me have such good time in Denver, it's such a cool sight-seeing city.

Marques P.
Wheaton, MD

I wanted to let you know that my son Joe had the best time on the Central Express Tour. Not only did he come back with 70 autograph items (Balls, S.I's, cards and photos) but he came back with a new found maturity and a much greater love for baseball. He raved about all the stadiums that he was able to see on your trip but loved Wrigley the most.  He referred to it as the "Friendly Confines" and said that he'll never forget the people of Chicago. Walking down Michigan Avenue was quite a joyful experience for him. Sports and Travel Tours created memories he'll never forget. He still can't believe all the corn fields he passed through in Iowa.

He did this trip by himself and at 18 I was a little concerned but he met great people along the way and the man who was the tour guide, Jerry, made the trip so special for him. Thanks so much for giving him an opportunity of a lifetime.  What a fabulous birthday and graduation from high school gift!!! It went beyond all expectations. Thank you so much.

Mary S.
Westport, CT

I just returned from the Texas Two Step. Didn't think I could possibly have more fun than I did on my last trip with Sports Travel, but this tour was even better. Again, I had a BLAST.

People always make the party - and this group was engaging, inclusive, diverse, extremely knowledgeable about baseball...and they knew how to have a good time! Great games, (the Red Sox won - what's not to like...for me that is), beautiful ballparks, entirely too many hotdogs, comfortable convenient hotels, organized schedule, and a WONDERFUL guide. Patrick Mahon was ideal: good-natured, informative, on top of everything, and a delightful host.

Have now taken two of your trips by myself. In case you have other single women who are apprehensive about traveling alone on a tour - please don't hesitate to use me as a reference. I have never FELT alone or awkward - and it's easy to fit right in. Thank you all so much for everything, and I look forward to future trips! Sincerely, Barbara A. West Hollywood, CA

Just wanted to say that my wife and I had a great vacation down in Florida! We enjoyed both Red Sox games, and had a great time in Orlando as well! You can't beat Florida weather this time of year, that's for sure, and jetBlue.

Thanks again for a fabulous trip!
Frank S.
Lexington, MA

Re: Spring Training Confirmation and Credit Card Authorization Form

We just wanted to e-mail you to say thank you. We received our magazines, vouchers, hats and luggage tags yesterday. You have been incredibly nice and incredibly efficient. It was an absolute please dealing with you. I can guarantee you that you will get additional business from us again in the future.

I only wish everyone did their job as well as you do yours. All the best.

Joe T. & Family
Manasquan, NJ

I just wanted to let you know I had received your documents and all are delivered to the Cohn's I really like your presentation of the documents, really thorough and I like the guides. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Best regards,
Judy N.
Travel Experts, A Virtuoso Agency

Our Hall of Fame trip was worth every penny. We loved the whole trip and our pictures came out great. Please keep in touch as you guys were so gracious.

Dave,Chris and Skip S.
Frederick, MD

I recently had the great pleasure to spend a weekend in Cooperstown, New York under your auspices to attend the induction of Cal Ripken, Jr. and Tony Gwynn to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and although I filled out the survey that was handed us at the end of the trip, I wanted to tell you what a great job you did.  From my arrival at the Desmond Hotel in Albany to subsequent departure on Sunday, it was a well planned and well managed a trip as one could hope for. I attended the induction of Earl Weaver 11 years ago with another company and your package surpassed theirs by leaps and bounds even though they were a Baltimore tour group  (I live in New York and root for the Orioles).

Your host, Jeff Sylva, although it was his first tour was responsible, precise and very helpful.  Greeted me upon my arrival and remembered my name throughout the weekend - I hope he intends to stay with your company because he was a real natural.  The accommodations at the Desmond were first rate; the bus drivers were courteous and helpful; you didn't skimp on the Hall of Fame membership bumping us up to the President's Circle; the meal at Jillian's was a bit confused at first but turned out great at the end (helped by the Os winning over the Yanks that night).  It was also a pleasure that all the people attending (those on my bus especially) were friendly, warm and charming (one family even named their kids Camden and Cal - incredible!).  When I first called Sports Travel and Tours, the woman answering the phone was so helpful and patient, I should have known then I was in for a good time.

My vacation dollars are very precious to me and I hope to get the most value out of my expenditure - your package to Cooperstown was certainly great bang for the buck - an amazing experience, smooth and friendly from start to finish.  I don't know when I will be traveling with you again but if the Packers make the Superbowl or my Hoyas go to the Final Four again, I'll be sure to check your website.  This was my first trip with you, it won't be my last. Thanks again for a great vacation! Your reputation is well earned.

Kindest Regards
Robert D.
Ridgewood, NY

My evaluation of the Interleague Sampler baseball weekend you put together for my son and I is in the mail.  Let me give you my first and last paragraphs from that review.

"This was the best vacation I ever had -- Sports Travel seated my son and I 20 rows behind the Yankee dugout (and 3 rows under the overhang) where we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!"

"Bottom Line: The weekend was superb for my son and I with about 99% of everything going perfectly. You can't improve on that! Much thanks for putting this Sports Travel package together for us. I'm one of your best customers."

You two ladies did a wonderful job on this package, and again I thank you. I am already looking forward to my August trip. Please read my review when it arrives.

Warren Reynolds

We just got home from the Baseball Trip to Boston/Cooperstown/New York. It was wonderful, and something that we will remember forever. Filled out the comment sheet, but also wanted to drop you a note as well. Everything was perfect....tour guides...Billy and Gary, Dick the bus driver, and the the City tour guides were outstanding. Linda, the tour guide in NY was especially good. Seats at the games were great, and what great ball parks!!! Fenway reminded us of our Wrigley Field.....(but, we still love Wrigley best). Thanks again, and we will be going on some other trips. Got to fill out that passport.

Linda and Bill

I would like to thank you for the recent trip I took to Detroit to see the Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena.  The seats were great and the hotel room was excellent.  It was a very enjoyable trip.  I look forward to another trip next hockey season.  Thank you.

Terence Morrill

My wife and I recently completed the Twin Lakes trip a few weeks ago. I am taking this opportunity to let you know we had a teriffic time. Our tour guide (Rich) was just fantastic.  He kept everything running smoothly. I especially enjoyed talking to the three umpires who attended our reception.

When I entered Wrigley Field it brought back memories of when I met Ernie Banks there years ago. The game of baseball is still special to us. Thanks for a wonderful trip and great memories.

Walt & Alice Janicki


I just wanted to drop you a note while I was on this awesome trip you helped coordinate so I could follow the L.A. Kings. The seats have been great and the hotels are really nice. Thank-you for all of your hard work and hopefully we can do this again in the future.

Kelly Burke


What an experience....trip.....good time....memory.....

We had such a delightful week. The tour host was great...the bus driver was awesome..(I wouldn't want his job for anything!)...the other people were a joy to meet...the sights were fantastic...and the ball games and stadiums were super.

We would recommend this to anyone and everyone who is interested. Now if we could just afford to go on one of these each year or oftener, that  would be ideal.

J.D. (John Davis ) & Bob, our bus driver, were wonderful to us and for us.

If I had time, I would go into more details.  But for now, this will have to do.

Thanks again for all of your planning and preparations to make this trip ssooooooo memorable.

Lyle & Bev Greunke

Great trip...
Great hotel...
Great baseball...
Great sunsets...
Will do it again in next year!

Stu & Eileen Bogdanoff

Just a quick note to say "thanks". Our 3rd Anniversary trip to Bank One Ballpark was really great. Of all the stadiums I've visited, this one beats every one.  Our seats were great and we just had a wonderful time.

We'll probably be calling you next year after the season schedule is published.

Thanks again,

Stacy Waren

Thank you very much for all of your hard work to make another Magic Carpet Ride a big success!

I appreciate all of the extra steps that you take to ensure that all of our participants have a memorable trip. This goes from having our hotel rooms ready when we arrive, to personally loading bags on to the buses. These efforts are noticed and appreciated by our travelers.

I think we are on to something very good here with these fan trips. As we keep learning, I think each one is becoming a little better than the last. I am really looking forward to the playoffs now!

Thanks again for being a great partner to work with.

Matt Biggers
Orlando Magic Marketing

Just a letter to say thanks a lot for the great time on your "East Coast Sampler" trip. This was the first time I traveled on a group tour and it worked very well for me. You and your staff are friendly and professional, as well as having a love and knowledge for the game of baseball.

Everything on the trip's itinerary was accurate. The ballparks were fantastic. Cooperstown? Words cannot describe it. On our particular trip, we arrived earlier than expected and enjoyed an extra half-hour in that wonderful small town.

I've told some of my friends about the trip and your company and they seem very interested. I will pass your number along to them.

Thanks again,
Hike Hara

Just wanted drop you a note and let you know how much we enjoyed our Sports Travel Vacation!  Everything was very smooth and worked perfectly including the weather.  We really enjoyed the Yankees game and my husband wants to go every year for our Anniversary!

Again thanks for your help!
Janet Berhand