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Sports Travel's mission is to make it easy and affordable for groups and individuals to attend sports events. Our slogan is Any Game...Any Place...Any Time. Our staff makes this happen through hard work, commitment to excellence and a strong desire to please our customers through whatever means necessary. Going the extra mile is part of the job at Sports Travel and you will find that every staff member lives up to that task. We love sports and the challenge of putting you together with your favorite baseball, basketball, football, hockey teams or any other sporting event you may be interested in. The following is the list of the great individuals that put your sports vacation together each and every day.

Home Team - Hatfield, MA

Sue Bradford - Travel Operations Manager / New England Tours

Michael Coldesina - Manager, Travel Industry Accounts

Christine Dadmun - Administrative Coordinator

Denise Demers - Operations

Anthony Incampo - Project Sales Coordinator

Keith Powers - Director of Business and Technology

Jay Smith - President

Christopher J. Switzer - Creative Director

Away Team

Lori Baumann - Tour Host

Billy Canavan - Tour Host

"Irish" Mike Cahillane - Tour Host

John "JD" Davis - Tour Host

Carol Swarbrick-Dries

Jim Dries - Tour Host

Jake Greenburg - Tour Host

Dick Johnson - Tour Host

Gary Laprade - Tour Host

Mike Noftall - Tour Host

Robert Soloff - Tour Host

Mindy Strauss - Tour Host

Gerry "GT" Tannenbaum - Tour Host

Dan Wall - Tour Host

Andrew Weiner - Tour Host

Bernie Weiss - Tour Host

John Werner - Tour Host