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About Us

Sports Travel and Tours' mission is to make it hassle-free for groups and individuals to attend sporting event of a lifetime.

Thus our slogan: Any Game...Any Place...Any Time!

The range of travelers is as broad as the events. A father and son from Texas on a baseball road trip, to a group of incentive winners from a Fortune 100 company to the Super Bowl or other Major Sporting Events.

Sports Travel and Tours is owned and operated by Jay Smith. Mr. Smith has been exclusively involved in the group travel business for the past two decades during which time he supervised the plans for thousands of travelers each year. You can read their testimonials here. Check our staff page to learn more about the other individuals who help Jay to create your sports vacation.

Over the years Sports Travel and Tours has enjoyed an incredible growth rate, an exceptional customer return rate of 40% plus and some very attentive press covering our actions. Through our continued alliances and business relationships we look forward to helping more individuals and groups to see Any Game...Any Place...Any Time!

Whether it be custom designed trips or a pre-determined Road Trip, individuals, corporations and social groups can work effectively with us to "Experience the Magic" of sports travel.

Dreaming of visiting every major league park? Visit every big league park with Sports Travel and Tours and you will be inducted into the Stadium Hall of Fame. If you have dreamed of seeing every big league stadium, then sign up with Sports Travel and Tours and you can experience the "once in a lifetime" achievement of baseball's best players... induction into the Stadium Hall of Fame... now you can make it into the big leagues. Check out the details of this great incentive.

Have other questions regarding Sports Travel and Tours? Give us a call at 800-662-4424 for more information.

Want to join our team?

Check out our Careers Page for the latest opportunities.