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2019 Baseball World Championship Series
League Champ 2 vs. League Champ 1

October 22-30, 2019
Venue TBD or Venue TBD

When you travel to the Series on an F.I.T. Program with Sports Travel and Tours, you'll have a Championship caliber experience.

An F.I.T. is a self-directed Travel Program without a Sports Travel and Tours host. You decide where you want to go, when you want to go, and what you’re doing with your time when you are there. Sports Travel and Tours eliminates the hassle and guess work.


Your Choice of Nights Hotel Accommodations
Just let us know your budget and we will find the right hotel, just for you!


Reserved Tickets to the Series Games of your Choice
Your Choice of Dates

2019 World Championship Series Schedule

Game 1 Tuesday, October 22 - League Champ 2 at League Champ 1
Game 2 Wednesday, October 23 - League Champ 2 at League Champ 1
Game 3 Friday, October 25 - League Champ 1 at League Champ 2
Game 4 Saturday, October 26 - League Champ 1 at League Champ 2
Game 5* Sunday, October 27 - League Champ 1 at League Champ 2
Game 6* Tuesday, November 29 - League Champ 2 at League Champ 1
Game 7* Wednesday, October 30 - League Champ 2 at League Champ 1
*If necessary

Also Includes

Trip Souvenir

24 Hour Trip Assistance
Travel assistance is one phone call away at any time, day or night.

Final Document Package
All of your necessary trip information and comprehensive final documents will be mailed to you 7-10 days before your departure date.

Hotel Taxes

Quick Info

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and let us simplify the process for you!


Choose the Price!

It's the Ultimate in Flexibility
With Sports Travel and Tours’ F.I.T., you choose how much you want to spend. Our friendly Travel Coordinators will arrange accommodations, tickets and transportation to fit your budget.

It's up to You!

Request Quote OnLine

A non-refundable $25 deposit is required for Custom F.I.T. Itineraries. For groups of 6 or more, please call 800-662-4424 to speak to an agent.

Trip Type: BAPO